Timber Treatment....

Most older properties suffer from timber decay of one sort or another. Once a property shows signs of infestation, (usually wood dust on the floor around furniture, floor joists and boarding, or on structural timbers in the roof), are present infestation is well underway.

If left unnoticed, further infestation and decay will result in structural damage to floor and roof construction, which could escalate into repair bills well into the tens of thousands.

The most commonly is the Furniture Beetle, other could be the Long Horn Beetle or the Death Watch Beetle. All can be treated, once the food source has been treated (poisoned) with a or paste.

If areas have been structurally effected, all decayed timber will be removed and replaced with new treated timber.

Before work commences: -

The entire property is surveyed, to record and measure the amount of decay, type of infestation and the size of timbers and structural beams.

Fitted carpets and loft insulation, will have to be removed, prior to the commence of treatment.

Floor boards to in unexposed areas with have to be locally lifted to gain access, for treatment of joists and underside of floor boards.

Biokil Crown Chemicals formulations are all cleared under the Governments Pesticide Safety Precaution scheme and under the Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986, for use as directed and carries the HSE Approval No 9176.

On completion you will receive a Biokill Crown 30 Year guarantee.

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